View of Educational Structures

As a youth, I attended the Child Study Center for three years, a school in a teaching hospital, where I became intrigued with disabilities research and the built environment of schools. In this project View of Educational Structures, I am photographing, building architectural models, and creating drawings of school buildings and the various structures that make up the school grounds. With these visual representations I am studying and highlighting the solutions of historical school buildings and recent innovations in planning and designing educational environments. This work focuses on providing a platform for students, teachers, educational researchers and community members the opportunity to consider the challenges and goals of education. These built environments whether it’s a one-room school house, a large urban high-school, or a structure on a university’s campus, educational built environments are powerful tools for stimulating learning and directly influences the learning process.


When standing in front of these educational structures and creating photographs with a large-format camera loaded with black and white film I am continuing the photographic precedent set by masters of the media from Eugène Atget, Berenice Abbott, Walker Evans, and Bernd and Hilla Becher. The use of large-format photography tools allows one-self to fully immerse in the process of creating a tangible photographic object. When creating architectural models, drawings, and collages of educational environments, I am continuing the precedent set by Christo and Jeanne-Claude whose preparatory drawings, collages, and scale models reveal the evolution of a project, research into the people and ecosystem of a site, and there technical engineering knowledge of there structures. I am creating drawings and collages of educational environments using field notes, site drawings, and reference photographs to illustrate existing and future educational structures. When building sculptures of educational environments, I am continuing the precedent set by William Christenberry who translated some of the buildings he photographed into sculptures. I am making these sculptures with different construction techniques from hand cutting and gluing each part, using a laser cutter to make interlocking parts and rendering 3D computer models.


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