Artist Statement

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The lived experience of learning differences is the primary subject matter for my creative research. As a youth, I attended the Child Study Center for three years, a school in a teaching hospital, where I became intrigued with learning-disabilities research. I am inspired to create artwork that comment on the history of education and question the prevailing culture which devalue fluencies and skills outside prevailing norms. For some viewers, the work I create is a metaphor for the frustration I and others have felt living in a society that devalue differences. With my creative practice I am using my abilities as an architect, educator, and artist to build a long-term creative practice that will allow a free and open conversation about education. I am always striving to develop new work that precisely combines elements which clearly emphasize the empowerment potential of creating artwork that openly talks about the history of education and the lived experience of learning. To this end, I create artworks using photography, installations, and sculptures.